As a former Miami Beach Fire Chief, former City of Miami Beach Commissioner, and former Florida State Representative, I have been intimately familiar with Beach politics for over a generation. I can tell you it’s very rare to find a candidate who does the right things for the right reasons all the time. Dave Crystal is such a candidate. I have come to know Dave over the last 4 years and I believe him to be a remarkably dedicated, talented and serious young man. He has been ahead of the curve on every major issue affecting Miami Beach. His ideas for the Beach are-spot on, and frankly we should have implemented ideas like those in his “Crystal Plan” way back when I sat on the Commission.


Miami Beach today is at a critical crossroads. If we don’t elect new thoughtful leaders like Dave Crystal now, we will find ourselves in dire straights 10 years from now. I am kindly asking you to be part of a better future for Miami Beach and elect Dave Crystal as our new Commissioner!


- Luis Garcia


As a native and long-time resident of Miami Beach and now a Village of Bal Harbour councilwoman, I am extremely familiar with Miami Beach, its people and the challenges it faces. It is evident that Miami Beach is ripe for a change in leadership. In my opinion, the individual most qualified to lead that change, based on his experience in finance, politics and entrepreneurial management, is Dave Crystal. The reforms Mr. Crystal proposes will result in an improved quality of life for all Miami Beach residents. I know Mr. Crystal not only as a courageous and honest leader, but as a tutor to my son. It takes a unique man to be bold enough to challenge political power brokers and humble enough to relate to children and their academic achievement all at the same time. David Crystal is blessed with a keen intellect and irreproachable moral character. A true winning combination! I wholeheartedly endorse him for Miami Beach Commissioner!

Patricia Cohen
Village of Bal Harbour


As a fellow activist in south Florida, I know what it is like to have to sometimes work against the political machine to get done what is best for every-day citizens. For years I have watched Dave Crystal work tirelessly both publicly and behind the scenes to help eliminate corruption in Miami Beach and I can honestly say that no one does it better. No other candidate has educated and awakened the sleeping masses the way Dave Crystal has. He is a natural leader and I hope you will vote for him.

Yona Lunger


I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Crystal in 2010 during my run for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. Dave is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. He is an honest, ethical and genuine man. Dave has a clear vision for Miami Beach. Get out and vote Dave Crystal for Commissioner of Miami Beach!

Jeff Lampert

Enthusiasm is what Dave Crystal brings to the table. He has tremendous energy to achieve. Personally, I like his more fiscally conservative views. He also came to run with me – the first candidate to do so since Alex Daoud in 1986. He saw the beach firsthand with someone who’s been out here everyday for over 38 years. That’s the kind of personal attention the citizens need. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Commissioner!

Robert “The Raven” Kraft


The residents of the city of Miami Beach need to know that Dave Crystal alone has taken a keen and personal interest in uncovering and ending the corruption within city government. I know this firsthand as he was the only candidate that made time to sit down with me and examine the many corroborating documents I had from my previous employment with the city. Had he been a member of the city Commission, I have no doubt that these financial and retaliatory issues would have been addressed in a serious and proactive way.

I am likewise certain that Mr. Crystal's dedication to finding and exposing corruption could have, and would have prevented some of the awful arrests of recent times. He alone took my allegations seriously. Had he been an elected official, I know he would have exposed some of those misdeeds that when the city failed to act, it took the FBI to address.

MIAMI NEW TIMES reporter Michael Miller’s article exposed some of the retaliation that loyal Miami Beach employees witnessed. After that article printed I received several calls from current city employees thanking me for coming forward. I know there are other loyal employees who wish they could come forward but fear retaliation from their supervisors.

I know that if the citizens of Miami Beach will elect Dave Crystal as their Miami Beach Commissioner, he will restore integrity and trust to city government.

David Weston
Former Miami Beach Fire Inspector


Candidate for Miami Beach Commissioner Dave Crystal is an honorable man with integrity and a vision for a better Miami Beach. I can attest to Dave’s tenacity and hard work to get to the bottom of issues that have been plaguing Miami Beach Departments and its employees. Dave has asked many questions regarding the past city Manager’s polices and ethics as well the current city Manager’s polices. One thing Dave realized is that former Manager Jorge Gonzalez never accepted responsibility for his lack of leadership and failures. However Jorge Gonzalez was quick to take credit for large projects that essentially had been preordained.

Miami Beach has seen its share of good Commissioners, ala David Pearlson, Abe Resnick, and Sy Isenberg. I have worked for these good Commissioners and Dave Crystal is cut from the same cloth. He is caring and looking to make informed decisions about the future of the City of Miami Beach. Please help Dave get elected so that he and the other good commissioners can make the changes desperately needed after the horrible job some of our past and present Mayor and Commissioners have done.

Let’s help Dave stamp out the pervasive turning of a blind eye toward corruption on the part of prior and current officials in City Hall as well as the unethical and unresponsive posture they take toward Miami Beach residents. Dave will help ensure that those city employees infected by such bad behavior are weeded out. Dave will work toward getting responsive city departments, which existed prior to Jorge Gonzalez, with minimal staffing and realistic goals and salaries. The era of no responsibility by a City manager or City employees must end.

Vote for Dave Crystal and let’s gets an honest politician as a Commissioner in Miami Beach. He will help us get a better, safer and more honest form of government we can be proud of in Miami Beach.

Ron Caplan
Former Safety Officer
Risk Management Department
City of Miami Beach.


I met Dave Crystal at a campaign event in Ft. Lauderdale. His passion for the issues and the people told me that he would make a great public servant. When I met Dave, his leadership qualities astounded me. He is humble, strong, organized and open. He enjoys listening to others and learning about the concerns of the people. He is willing to work together to solve an issue. Dave is beaming with solutions to the problems that plague South Florida cities. Dave Crystal is not a career politician, but rather a business owner within the community. His tutoring services provide the necessary understanding that our children need to become successful in school. He is an inclusive person. He made sure that my community was represented to stand up for the nation of Israel at the Fair Play for Israel Rally. There was no exclusion by race, party affiliation or religion at the rally.

I have been able to call on Dave to ask advice on positions within the community. His pulse and ear on the heartbeat of people has made the difference in my understanding of the communities' issues. I endorse Dave Crystal for Commissioner of Miami Beach. He has the integrity, patience, strength, problem-solving skills, inclusiveness and fiscally responsible outlook to run the City of Miami Beach into the future. The people of Miami Beach will truly gain a leader and public servant they can rely on.

Corey Poitier
Former Candidate
Florida State Senate #35


Dave Crystal has what Miami Beach needs most, a real plan to bring jobs to the city and to better people's lives on all levels. Dave not only has a well-thought-out plan, but he also has the integrity and the steadfast determination to see it through. In short, Miami Beach needs Dave Crystal. I strongly urge you to vote for him.


Yomin Postelnik,
A Better Florida